Holistic video content to maximise ROI

We find that most companies without dedicated teams or agencies leave video content - their most powerful and versatile communications / marketing tool - to the last minute, creating and sending briefs out on an “ad hoc” basis. This lack of forward planning means their video content tends to be more expensive and less effective.

Our consultancy services are bespoke, but normally we will begin by providing an appraisal of the client’s existing video content and/or strategy, before developing a plan to create consistent content that can last for a long time.

We think of our clients’ video content as assets, and work with them to build a library over time that can be drawn on in the future. We securely catalogue, index and manage this data for them - using AI to track key subject matter over time and our expertise to suggest new ways of using this content. The longer this asset library is run, the more useful it becomes.

Once this system is demonstrated, our clients almost always make us their default supplier. For larger organisations, we can advise on how to maintain consistency between video vendors by creating a visual style guide for video.

As video can be used to create multiple other types of media, this lookbook can be a highly valuable communications tool. Our clients have found this visual lookbook can take the place of an otherwise costly outside agency. There is a final tool in this holistic approach to video: training our clients to become self-sufficient in generating content in-house.