All video content is bespoke - but here are just some of the types of project we produce.


Your flagship piece of video content

Harvard research shows we only remember 30% of what we see and just 20% of what we hear - but 70% of what we both see and hear...

A brand video is your foundation of your video content - a visual version of an "About Us" page that concisely conveys your story and core values.

The structure is normally comprised of interviews at their core, overlaid with cinematic B-roll of your business. These interviews can easily be edited into longer "spinoff" videos on more detailed subject matter for additional content.

It is a powerful video that conveys sophistication and forward thinking. If it provides an incremental edge in the mind of a prospect and just one client buys your offering, then it can pay for itself many times over.


Pure ROI

The simplest, most affordable and often most effective piece of video content.

From a direct to camera piece to a fireside chat, there is no simpler way for an expert to convey information. Interviews normally form the foundation of a brand video, but can be released as standalone videos to maximise ROI.

We can transcribe all interview material to log key words or phrases as metadata for future use, greatly extending the life of your video content.


Capture and extend an event

The events industry is worth an annual £42.3 billion annually in the UK alone.

In a competitive landscape, your attendees expect to see video content representative of the experience both before and after the event itself. This needs to be engaging and aspirational, leaving any viewer with the sense that the next one is simply unmissable.

Investing in video coverage for your event is a necessity. A properly planned shoot can generate a highlights video, keynotes, several interviews and more. Most corporate conferences involve subject matter experts discussing relevant industry issues. These presentations can be released online quickly and generate significant traffic based on these current trends.

Because of this, rapid and high quality post-production is essential. In some cases, we have delivered videos to clients before the event has even finished.


Making employee communication easy and effective

Company training, newsletters, meetings, CSR updates - there are so many opportunities for employee relations video content. That said, even internal videos need to be well planned and engaging.

For larger companies, effective employee communication is critical for keeping the whole organisation up to date with developments and goals. Your employees already have a huge amount of work to keep on top of.  As video is such an effective communications tool, it can replace traditional mediums for conveying information, and do so quicker.

Our training service empowers our clients to become self-sufficient in creating these projects in-house. The sheer volume of video content generated on an ongoing basis lends itself well to this setup.

To learn more about our training offering, feel free to click HERE


Critical stakeholder video content

We are experienced in designing video content for communicating key information to busy stakeholders and clients. From roadshow videos, manager updates and animated quarterly presentations to supplementary video material supporting a pitch deck - there are many different public and non-public projects created every day.

A simple series of IR videos that help support a pitch or inform existing investors can be among the highest ROI projects.

Investor Relations video content can also benefit from a hybrid approach: with material shot by both us and your internal comms team trained to a high standard. This allows them to quickly interview key managers, say, reacting to market events - so that the content can then be edited and delivered quickly. To learn more about our training offering, feel free to click HERE

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